Thursday, July 22, 2010

On July 8th, a year after the Thunderboxes had all found good homes, we were honored to receive this email from halfway around the world ...

"My good friend in Oakland, California, Emily Sparks, sent me an e-mail last year in June including pictures of your Thunderbox exposition.

I was out in the countryside, 30 kilometers east of Helsinki, Finland, where we have our summer house. With me there were my twin grand-children, Daniela & Erik, 9-years old and my best friend, Sari, who is an art teacher and who has lived almost all her life in Africa. When I opened my e-mail, I was amazed by your thunderboxes and called on everybody to come and have a close look.

My grand-children and my friend Sari immediately stated that our outhouse was down-right boring and that we had to do something about it. They started to re-design it a and we in fact went the next day for paints and brushes. We painted the outside of it last summer, now we have re-decorated the inside also.

So this is what I wanted to show you, thanking you for the good inspiration reaching us far up in northern Europe! For our whole family, this was a funny way to reconnect with Texas where we stayed a long time ago for a year and a half (1978-79) when my husband was invited to be a post-doc, doing medical research on renal physiology at the South-Western Medical School at UTD, Dallas."

Helsinki, Finland